Here's some copper can I have a cup of coffee that's ok you can keep the change
Ok I'm joking but I lost my treasure this is all I have to spare
Lost it in handfuls lost it in breathfuls lost a woman who met my eyes
Where am I going I'll be like a leaf blowing when a faithless wind it will rise

I had silver I had gold I had days and years unfold like the fortune you're promised
I had silver I had gold but I wasted it and so I sit here pushing copper

Your badge says you’re Renee that's a pretty name has the name become your friend
What's your story we all have one we may tell it now and then
Yeah I believe you sure I’ll take a refill so your first love he just left
And what's my name does it really matter in the end it's one you'll hear again

You're right there's history there’s layers upon layers always more than you can say
Like hills to the horizon one by one they rise and fall away to deepest gray
Like like laughter through the pain, like sunlight through the rain, like my roads that led this way
And here's Renee a mother and a wife and a woman with a badge that says Renee

    Snowflakes blow into the door aroma of the muffins pours into the growing night
    Another pilgrim of the hearth shakes his shoulders of the dark his face surrenders a smile
    Another story takes his seat another glory risks defeat to make another mile
    Renee she pours another cup in the end I stand up to yield the light

Thanks for everything I need to go no I won't be back again
If you think of me don't think of pennies think of all you have to spend
The silver and the gold the precious days unfold so the eyes you meet you hold them tight
Here's ten dollars for the story you can keep the change goodnight

  • Renee5:37