Well they say that a diamond is worth more than all
For this child of earth kingdoms they rise and fall
Well it's true their shine it brings a handsome sum
But words are more my love if from your lips they come


Here's a diamond - in return crazy as it seems
I don't want things or promises or lies just tell me what you dream

In the valley of chance it's easy to walk tall
Then the river of circumstance it floods us all
The sounds of your intentions you can't hear them for the roar
The water ebbs and then they lie flapping on the shore


Here's a diamond for a dream show me things I've never seen
Here's a diamond for a dream don't you turn away
Here's a diamond for a dream in your mirror what do you see
My love

Once a year the queen she gives away old jewels that she wore
Well the rubies and gold I throw them on the floor
It's the diamond I want and a diamond my love I'll never sell
It's what I give to you to listen as you tell


  • Diamond for a Dream4:43